Things to Consider when Funeral Planning

Total Funeral Expense

Some people feel that they want something better than the average for their loved one. One reason is that they loved the person so much, they don't care about the cost. We can understand your feelings, but you must think of your finances and not go to an extent that will become a burden on your budget after the funeral is over. A funeral does not have to cost a small fortune to be a nice, fitting tribute to the departed loved one.

Cemetery Interment Charges

Even though you may have already purchased a cemetery plot or belong to a church that has their own cemetery for its members, there is an interment charge for the digging and closing of the grave. The interment charge varies from one cemetery to the next.

Casket Selection

We offer a large selection of caskets – in fact, over 300 – in every price range, style, and color. We are able to do this by using books with full color pictures of every casket available in the local casket warehouses. This also decreases our overhead and allows us to give you the best price on every unit. Once a phone call is made, the casket you have chosen will be delivered to the funeral home within a couple hours.

Two Reasons Why This Method of Selecting a Casket is Better Than Using a Casket Selection Room in a Funeral Home...

(1) For most families, it is very depressing and uncomfortable to walk into a room filled with caskets, making the task of picking out a casket for their loved one even more difficult.

(2) Almost all caskets look very nice when they are standing by themselves. But when a less expensive unit is sitting next to an expensive unit, it will look cheaper. This usually leads the family to buy a more expensive unit in the selection room. By using a book of pictures, we take the pressure off the family and allow them to choose a nice-looking casket in their price range.

Types of Caskets

Wooden or steel ... air and watertight or not? This is merely a case of personal preference. An air and watertight casket does not mean that the body will be preserved better or longer than a casket without a seal.

Outer Interment Receptacles

No New York State or local law requires you to buy a receptacle to surround the casket in the grave. However, many cemeteries require that you have such a receptacle so that the grave will not sink. The cemeteries that do not require the use of such a receptacle usually charge an extra fee added to their interment cost. The most common outer interment receptacles are made of reinforced concrete. They may be plain concrete with no waterproofing or asphalt coated with some type of waterproof lining. There is no right or wrong way to go, and we can help you determine which receptacle is right for you.


An individual who desires to be cremated may also have a viewing, visitation, and service before the cremation takes place. The choice to be cremated does not mean a direct cremation after death.

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